SOPRO's proven effective Power Torque Arm Velocity Training Program is offered at various times of the year. 

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SOPRO's Arm Velocity Program is an essential for all athletes. With the focus on Throwing movement "patterns" as well as transitional mechanics, this Program is designed with just one goal: For each athlete to reach their fullest potential in terms of consistent Throwing velocity. Here at SOPRO, we have taken elements from several programs including DriveLine and Crossover Symmetry to develop our own system to maximize the results. The difference is the focus on these proven stand alone strength building programs as well as specific technical movement pattern development you wont find anywhere else. Regardless of the position you play, consistent high velocity throws are an essential part of your development.

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Coach Jake Kirkland


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Arm Velocity Program

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Cost of the Program is $35 / weekly and requires an active SOPRO membership of $50 monthly.

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