Our Mission

Our mission for hitters is clear. It is to produce the most consistently powerful hitters possible. We are unapologetic in our approach to producing elite level hitters. One thing that has to be addressed is the difference in "coaching" a player versus "training" a hitter. A coaches job is to use a players abilities to put that player in position to maximize immediate results. However, as a trainer, our job is to enhance a players abilities in order to maximize long term performance. 

All athletes need someone who is committed to their own personal growth and development without any bias or inherent conflicts pertaining to HOW you will be used on your current team.

 Example: teaching a young player to hit the ball on the ground because they are a fast runner is a good job of coaching that player to be immediately successful ( and help their team ), but that is a TERRIBLE job of developing them as a hitter. In fact, it will just about guarantee that player will NEVER develop into a high level hitter.

Behind the Numbers

Exit Velocity and Launch Angle are terms that we have become familiar with over the past few years. When you see that Bryce Harper had an exit velocity of 110 mph, we look at that and say that reaching that point is unrealistic for most people. However, I will tell you that you can absolutely reach similar numbers when you dig deeper. 

When I look at high level players at all levels, I have noticed a correlation between Exit Velocity and Launch Angles that exists for all great hitters. A 10yr old hitter can have the SAME swing metrics as a Major League player when scaled to age appropriate Exit Velocities. 

Perhaps the biggest difference in SOPRO and other training is our use of comprehensive metrics and analytics to measure the development of our hitters is a quantitative way. Exit Velocity ( Ball speed off the Bat ), Launch Angle ( angle of the Ball off the Bat ), and HHA ( Hard Hit Average ) are all standard metrics we use to measure the growth of our hitters. Through our exhausted studying of numbers of high level as well as our Experience with Thousands of Amateur players, We have unlocked the major differences in how these numbers compare between the two groups. 

More importantly, We have developed a system of training athletes in a manner to help them achieve these results and continue their long term development.


Most young committed baseball players are willing to do whatever it takes to develop into great hitters, they simply do not know what to do, or what they are trying to achieve. We can give each athlete a realistic understanding of their abilities, and where they will need to be at certain points in their careers to stay ahead of the curve.  

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Understanding SOPRO's Philosophy to developing hitters